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Experience the pinnacle of precision with our Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press. Engineered for intricate metal forming, this press excels in creating seamless shapes and contours with utmost accuracy. From automotive parts to intricate components, its robust design ensures consistent results in deep drawing, blanking, and coining applications. Elevate your manufacturing with a press that effortlessly transforms metal sheets into complex shapes, guaranteeing unmatched precision and quality.


Technical Details: Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press

  • Model: KHDDP

  • Tonnage Capacity: 5-50 TON

  • Power Supply: 3 Phase 220 Volt AC

  • Hydraulic System: KH

  • Control: Manual / PLC

  • Max. Stroke: 600 MM

  • Daylight Opening: 50-1000 MM

  • Table Size: 500 MM

  • Working Speed: As Per Requirement 

  • Material Compatibility: MS

  • Weight: 1-2 Tonn

  • Dimensions (L x W x H): (600x500x2000)

Key Features:

  • Precision engineering for intricate metal forming tasks.

  • Hydraulic system for controlled and consistent pressing.

  • Manual or PLC control options for versatile operation.

  • Adjustable stroke length to suit various deep drawing needs.

  • Enhanced safety features ensure operator well-being.

  • Suitable for a wide range of materials.


  • Deep drawing operations

  • Blanking and coining tasks

  • Automotive parts manufacturing

  • Precision component production

  • Complex shape forming

This information offers an overview of the technical specifications and capabilities of our Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press. It can be cutomized as per the requirement

  • Unmatched Precision: Our Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press offers unparalleled precision in shaping intricate metal components, ensuring consistent results for complex geometries and contours.

  • Versatile Applications: Engineered for deep drawing, blanking, and coining, this press serves diverse industries such as automotive, aerospace, and precision manufacturing.

  • Efficiency in Complex Shapes: Transform metal sheets into intricate shapes effortlessly, streamlining production processes and reducing material waste.

  • Customized Solutions: Tailored to your needs, our Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press can be adjusted to accommodate varying materials, shapes, and thicknesses.

  • Operational Control: Choose between manual or PLC controls to match your operational preferences, allowing for seamless integration into your manufacturing workflow.

  • Enhanced Safety: Operator safety is paramount. Our press is equipped with safety features to protect operators during operation, fostering a secure working environment.

  • Durability and Reliability: Crafted with robust materials and precision engineering, our press ensures durability, minimal maintenance, and consistent, reliable performance.

  • Quality Output: Expect high-quality output with reduced defects, thanks to the press's controlled and consistent force application, minimizing rework and ensuring product integrity.

Experience precision, versatility, and efficiency with our Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press. Elevate your metalworking capabilities and achieve exceptional results across a range of complex applications.


Discover the full potential of our Deep Drawing Hydraulic Press and elevate your industrial capabilities. Contact us to learn more about how this versatile tool can enhance your production processes.

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